Hyper-Dry 3/2 mm 14–19˚C

Hyper-Dry 3/2 mm 14–19˚C

PRICE: $270

Taped Sealed Seams | Flat Lock Stitching | Fire Wall Heat Shield with Micro Plush

The only wettie to combine the super strength of flatlock stitching and internal waterproof taped sealed seams for maximum warmth and flexibility. Looks sharp on the outside. Turn it inside out and you’ll find features to make it feel absolutely awesome. Due to the success of their 3/2mm Hyper Dry design, Adrenalin decided to tackle the planet’s ultra-cold waters by taking the same technology and utilising it to develop their 5/4mm Evolution Zip Free steamer. As the name suggests it’s an evolution of their previous Innovative designs, and it’s more than ready to keep surfers in even the most remote and frigid locations warm this winter.



“The Adrenalin was pretty flexible and generally comfortable all around” Monty. Presenting a well cut fit with a lightweight feel, one design feature in particular caught the attention of the testers. “The back seam did pull in around the shoulders though, making that area of the suit quite tight” Monty. “Bit of rigidity in that one spot but reasonably flexible and comfortable in all other areas” Nick.

Ease of entry and exit

The Adrenalin offered a functional and effortless entry. “Really easy to enter and exit, the easiest of the suits I tried” Nick. “Really easy in both aspects. I’m not accustomed to zipperless wetsuits but it worked really well. The tie down they have incorporated to tighten around the chest is a great idea, locks it in really well” Monty.


In the warmth department, the Adrenalin performs the way it feels. It’s a lightweight suit that offers protection from the wind and sun, but cold water may become an issue as time goes by. “It heats the water that it lets in, but water flush may take away from the suit’s warmth” Nick.

Water entry

Constructed with light materials, the Adrenalin became susceptible to water entry during long sessions. “I didn’t get cold in it, but every time I duck dived I would get a flush down my back. If it was a warm day, it would work as a nice flush, but on a cold winters day you would feel it” Nick.



Upgrading to a zipperless design layout, Adrenalin have left nothing to chance with their new and improved hyper dry 3’2 super stretch. Recognised as a high performance wetsuit, Adrenalin have again delivered a strong and honest product. Acknowledging the importance of flexibility and adaptability, the Hyper Dry uses super stretch neoprene and 4 way flex nylon to ensure free ranging movement for increased performance and all round comfort.

There was rigidity in the back section of the suit and the susceptibility of water entry meaning that “... cold water may become an issue as time goes by” Nick. Consistent positives among the testers was the flexibility and ease of entry and exit with Nick claiming “The easiest of the suits I tried”. Equipped with an internal heat shield, the Adrenalin is able to trap additional heat and use it effectively to enhance the warmth of the suit, making it a favourable mild temperature option. “For a warm winters day where you were staying active, the Adrenalin would be unreal” Monty. The hyper dry promises no fuss, longevity and honest performance.