WDT Hevea CZ 3/2MM 1o–16˚

WDT Hevea CZ 3/2MM 1o–16˚

PRICE: $499.95

Hevea Rubber | Thermal Chamber Panels | Wick Dry Technology

“Previously our suits were constructed from limestone neoprene, which required mining. Our focus for this suit was utilising materials that are truly sustainable that won’t compromise performance. Hevea rubber answers both these requirements. It is derived from the natural latex of the Hevea tree and sourced from plantations established on degraded pastureland. This suit also includes recycled polyester lining, Infinity 2.0 taping and Thermal Chamber panels which expand and contract to passively heat the body.”



A new entrant to the wetsuit test, the Cheer made a strong impression with its well-cut fit. “An ideal fit, I’m medium tall and the length of it was perfect” Blake. For both Monty and Blake, the flexibility of the Cheer seemed to adapt over time. “I definitely knew I was wearing a wetsuit but as the surf progressed, the flexibility did adjust to my body shape” Blake.

Ease of entry and exit

The Cheer offered an effortless entry from the waist down, however a little more effort was needed up top. “I had some minor issues around the entry point. It slid on well up until the waist, but getting the arms in was a bit of a process with a tight neck hole. Getting out was easy, which is another testament that it does give a little as you wear it” Blake.


A product of Southern Australian waters, the Cheer certainly didn’t disappoint in the warmth category. “A really warm suit, they have definitely aimed to produce a suit that is thicker, warmer and more durable” Monty. “It just seemed to withstand water at all times, a real winner in the warmth department” Blake.

Water entry

With a tight fit around the legs and ankles, the Cheer acted as a barrier from water entry. “The water was pretty chilly the day I surfed in the Cheer and I didn’t feel a drop. The exterior material seemed to repel the water. Even after I had been surfing in it for a while, the water was still beading off the suit” Monty.



Influenced by the unforgiving climates of South Australia, Cheer wetsuits clearly have an understanding of the qualities needed to survive a wild and woolly winter. “Feels like they have gone by the theory of getting everything right for warmth. An ideal wetsuit for rough, cold conditions,” Monty. The Cheer is layered with thermal chamber panels, which passively generate and store heat. In addition, the quick dry external surface of the Cheer works to prevent water entry and reduce drying time. Both Monty and Blake agreed that the Cheer carried a little extra weight and rigidity than some of the other suits, but not to an extent that it hindered the suits overall performance. “Flexibility and movement was good, I noticed a little weight restriction but that is common for the majority of suits that place warmth as a priority” Blake. Handmade from premium neoprene-free Hevea rubber and recycled fabrics, the Cheer is proof that choosing environmentally conscious products doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance.