WDT Hevea CZ 3/2MM 1o–16˚

WDT Hevea CZ 3/2MM 1o–16˚

PRICE: $450

Easy Entry | 3 Fold Dry Seal | Zero Zip

“This is the first release of the ONE Zero Zip suit. It has evolved from constant feed back about the struggles of entering a traditional zip free wettie. Our patented 3 Fold Dry Seal system allows for an easier entry, and a combination of strategically placed neoprene panels creates a watertight seal. Our vision was to allow all surfers (no matter what body shape) access to a high performance, flexible and warm zip free wetsuit.”



The newly designed O&E Zero Zip surprised the testers with its all round comfort and weightless approach. “The flex in the OE was insane, most flexible and most comfortable suit I tested” Monty. “Surprisingly awesome, a really lightweight wetsuit with a refreshingly tight fit and zero restrictions” Blake.

Ease of entry and exit

Impressing the testers with its innovative zero zip feature, the OE was labelled easiest entry and exit by both Blake and Monty. “Easiest of all the suits to enter. The 3-part entry, while it looks like a complete mess, it works so well. A really functional design with no sticky areas” Monty. “It has stretchy, forgiving material that just adjusts to where you need it to go” Blake.


Regarded as a lightweight high performance wetsuit, the OE certainly holds it own in the warmth department. “While a number of suits have gone all out to incorporate features that guarantee warmth, the OE basically matched it” Monty. Containing water shield sealed seams and a fur interior, it has the ability to maintain heat for long periods of time.

Water entry

With the help of the new 3-folded layer, the OE successfully prevented water entry. “The zero zip feature is an area that has the potential to let water in, but they have countered that with the extra layer to eliminate the only possible entry point for water. Liquid seals worked well and also the blind seams” Blake.



Introducing a world first 3-Fold Dry Seal system, the Ocean and Earth Zero Zip mixes innovation with simplicity to provide an all round high performance winter wetsuit. The new zero zip, 3 fold system creates an effortless entry with its larger opening, while also eliminating restriction and water entry. “I was able to move freely and it felt as though there were no irrelevant seams or stitching” Blake. Consisting of premium ultra stretch neoprene and an internal plush lining, the Zero Zip was able to present the feel of a lightweight suit while simultaneously generating adequate warmth. “The material itself doesn’t feel as heavy duty as some of the other suits but it held its warmth well” Blake. Leaning more towards the performance side of a wetsuit, the zero zip ensures the comforting feel of freedom, warmth and flexibility. “The performance side of the Zero Zip stood out to me, and personally, that’s what I want out of a wetsuit” Blake.