M’s R1 Yulex FZ Full Suit 3/2.5mm 16–18°C

M’s R1 Yulex FZ Full Suit 3/2.5mm 16–18°C

PRICE: $600

100% External Seam Sealing | Supratex Kneepads and Ankle Cuffs | High-stretch 100% recycled polyester jersey lining

“Our design philosophy is simplicity. We found that by taking the rubber from Hevea tress and then using Yulex purification, we could cut back a lot of the process and reduce the carbon footprint. Surprisingly, we learnt a lot from Formula-1 tyres, which blend natural rubber with synthetic. We applied some of that concept to wetsuits and ended up with 85% Yulex natural rubber and 15% chlorine-free synthetic rubber – a combination that gives the best performance in terms of stretch, durability and UB resistance.”



The innovative design of the Yulex, produced quality results in this category. “Felt super snug behind the knees and comfortable under the arms” Nick. Typically a heavy duty suit, the Yulex impressed with its flexibility and range of movement. “Fit and comfort was spot on. For the overall weight of the suit, the flexibility was better than I expected” Sandy.

Ease of entry and exit

Fitted with supratratex ankle cuffs, Blake and Nick shared similar opinions towards ease of entry. “The lower quarter of the suit felt harder to get into to. The sudden change of material in those areas was noticeable” Blake.“It was snug and just needed a little more effort to get on than some of the other suits” Nick. Both agreed the upper body entry was functional and easy.


The Yulex excelled in keeping the surfers warm in the Victorian waters. “It was the warmest wetsuit I tested, I was cooking” Nick. “Insanely warm, the lining of the suit was so toasty” Sandy. All seams in the Patagonia are triple glued and 100% internally taped making it a well deserved favourite for overall warmth.

Water entry

All surfers firmly agreed that the Patagonia was completely water resistant. “Its sealed up really tight so there was absolutely no water entry” Nick. “I didn’t notice any water entry, even after a few awkward floggings” Sandy. “I didn’t feel any water entry, it’s well and truly sealed up” Blake.



Patagonias 3,2.5mm R1 Yulex is a true testament to its southern ocean roots. Durable, reliable and environmentally conscious, it has been thoughtfully designed from head to toe to withstand and endure the harshest of Australian winters. Noticeably more heavy duty then the majority of other tested suits, the major strength of the Patagonia came from its warmth and durability. “Warmth was its biggest asset. A really solid and secure suit, felt bomb proof” Sandy. Replacing neoprene with renewable natural rubber, the Yulex provides the same warmth and performance attributes as conventional neoprene while reducing C02 emissions by up to 80 percent. Fitted with external and internal sealing, floating front zip for adequate entry and supatrex kneepads, the Yulex was able to resist water entry and adjust comfortably to the individual’s body shape. “It’s sealed up really strong and the fur interior around the chest and kidneys keeps your vital organs warm” Nick. A very reliable option to withstand the varying elements of cold water surfing.