Climax Pro Zip Free 3/2mm 14–20°C+

Climax Pro Zip Free 3/2mm 14–20°C+

PRICE: $274.99

Zip Free Entry System | 100% GBS Sealed Seams | External Key Pocket

“The Climax Pro has continued to improve year on year. We’re constantly working with Peak team rider, Josh Kerr, with the aim to make the most high performance wetsuit possible, that is warm, lightweight, super flexible, and available at the best possible price. We’ve improved the stretch in materials used, reduced and moved seams to make the suit more flexible and also kept the logos tonal and low key to give it a cool stealthy look.”



A dynamic lightweight suit, the peak covered the criteria excellently. “Probably the lightest and most comfortable suit I tested. No issues with tightness, the seams they have incorporated feel adaptable to a range of movement so it felt snug” Nick. “A simply designed suit with stretchy rubber made it an all round snug fit” Blake.

Ease of entry and exit

“It was my first time using a zipperless wetsuit and I was in and out of it like a flash. The seams around the ankles are tight which usually means there is not a lot of give, but I had no issues slipping in and out” Nick. “Very simple to enter because of the loose rubber around the neck. No dramas exiting the suit either” Blake.


The simplistic design of the peak still managed to generate and maintain warmth effectively. “Given they haven’t gone overboard on the seals and seams, it still held its warmth well” Blake. “It’s not a wetsuit that you are going to sit and cook in, it’s the ideal wetsuit for those surfs where you keep busy and catch a ton of waves” Nick.

Water entry

“No major issues with water entry. No water entry at all during continuous duckdives. It did however let a tiny bit of water in around the hip region when I first jumped in” Nick. “I did notice a tiny bit of water creeping in through certain spots,but nothing over the top” Blake.



A simplistic design made especially for high performance surfing and comfortability, the Peak provided the feeling of a second skin. User friendly and highly functional, the Climax Pro has been designed with the highest quality materials, giving it amplified flexibility, warmth and lightness. Merging ‘Alpha stretch’ neoprene with multi directional stretch panels throughout the suit, the Peak “allowed you to surf in the freedom you would normally have in boardshorts” Blake. Presenting a less is more approach, the Climax Pro features minimal seams to guarantee quality stretch throughout the suit. It also features critical taping in high stress areas to reinforce the durability of the suit. “It’s as simple as it looks, all the features are very user friendly, uncomplicated and effective” Blake. A versatile option for mild temperature waters and high intensity sessions. “A good feeling, solid suit and the price point is insane for what it offers” Blake.