Flashbomb Plus 3/2mm 12–20˚C

Flashbomb Plus 3/2mm 12–20˚C

PRICE: $749.99

Liquid Mesh Super Stretch Panels | E5 Flash Lining and E5 Hand Tape | Aquaban Liquid Tape Seams

“The Flash Bomb Plus is a culmination of Rip Curl’s 45 years in R&D and manufacturing expertise. The Liquid Mesh Smoothy panels on the chest and back panels of the suit are exclusively developed to Rip Curl’s requirements and provide the highest level of stretch for smoothy rubbers. The smoothy panels assist the surfer dramatically in body rotation and reducing fatigue through paddling motions. E5 Flash Lining, Hand Tape and external seam Liquid Tape mean the surfer has a warm and comfortable experience.”



The Flash Bomb excelled in the FFC department, with all surfers deeming it faultless. “It had loads of flex through the entire wetsuit, making it feel like a second skin and the fit was unreal” Monty. “Really strong in all aspects, fit was spot on and comfort wise, it was so comfortable” Blake.

Ease of entry and exit

“Went on super easy, there was plenty of stretch around the entry point which made it effortless. Getting it off was simple also” Blake. “I found the zip free worked effectively, with easy entry and exit of the Flashbomb Plus – no problems at all” Nick.


Described as a high performance wetsuit, the Flash bomb has also been manufactured to ensure superior warmth. “The E5 Flash Lining on the inside felt so warm and any water that found its way inside would just trickle straight out of the suit” Monty. “Warmth was another really strong point of the Rip Curl. The E5 Flash Lining insulation helped create extra warmth and comfort making it a really solid winter wetsuit” Blake.

Water entry

The Flash Bomb Plus remained completely water resistant during long surf sessions. “I couldn’t pinpoint any water entry. The tight drawstring around the chest seals it right up and the liquid seals withstand all water. The snug fit also allowed no water to enter” Blake. “No water entry whatsoever” Monty.



From the creators of last year’s winning suit and renowned leaders in wetsuit technology, the Flash Bomb Plus is Rip Curl’s most advanced wetsuit to date. Building on an already award winning formula, the new attributes of the Flash Bomb Plus ticked all the boxes as an ultimate cold water performance suit. “It felt completely free of restrictions which gave me the confidence and security to perform how I wanted” Monty. The Flash Bomb’s new zip free design, combined with Aquaban liquid tape seams and liquid mesh super stretch panels created a weightless feel while offering maximum flexibility and comfort.

Fitted with a new E5 Flash Lining interior for superior warmth and comfort, the Flash Bomb has the ability to rapidly repel water, perfect for days where multiple surfs are on the cards. “You can see the water repelling off the suit and once its off it’s practically dry” Monty. “Rip Curl have designed a wetsuit that is light as can be but also maintains the warmth of heavier duty wetsuits” Blake.