Men’s Dry Lock TDC Fullsuit 3/2 mm 13-18°C

Men’s Dry Lock TDC Fullsuit 3/2 mm 13-18°C

PRICE: $274.99

TDC Thermo Dry Celliant Liner | Waterproof Drylock Entry System | Magnetic Zip Closure

“Xcel wetsuits are constantly evolving. With every new suit we’re improving warmth, fit and performance by utilising cutting edge materials. A major technological design feature of our suits is Xcel’s exclusive TDC “Thermo Dry Celliant” internal fabric. This fabric delivers a naturally hydrophobic, fast drying lightweight fabric that retains heat. This means using less energy to keep your body warm in the water, leaving the wearer able to use more of their energy reserves surfing!”



Xcel have created an advanced wetsuit that is free of restrictions and highly comfortable. “Really flexible, no restrictions around the hips, knees and arms” Nick. “Flexibility and fit was top notch. Out of the 5 suits this was in my top 2 for fit and comfort. It was one of those suits that you felt comfortable enough to paddle long distances without overheating” Monty.

Ease of entry and exit

The chest zip provided effortless entry into the Drylock. “Really easy to get on and off. It’s a chest zip so there was plenty of freedom to slide into it” Nick. Tight access around the limbs caused some minor entry issues. “The Drylock cuffs around the ankles were quite tight so it felt a little sticky through the base of the legs and arms” Monty.


Fitted with innovative features, the Xcel has been manufactured to provide warmth. “The seals are really strong and the thermo dry seam tape on the inside combined with the fusion weld seams worked amazing” Monty. “Really really warm , especially suited to the colder parts of Aus. It has the feel of a 4/3 but it’s not heavy” Nick.

Water entry

Acknowledging vulnerable areas, the Xcel successfully withstood water entry. “No water flush at all due to the sealed seams” Nick. The thermo dry lock also prevented any water from entering. “It feels like it has been built to keep water out and keep you warm” Nick. “Completely water resistant, not one drop” Monty.



Front-runners in innovative wetsuit technology, the Xcel Drylock has been constructed to balance superior warmth with flexibility and performance. Introducing their warmest wetsuit lining to date, the thermo dry celliant is an exclusive lining that recycles body heat into infa red energy for maximum warmth and enhanced performance. “It had a combination of warmth and flexibility and both supported each other well” Monty. Labelled unfaultable in the warmth and water entry categories by the testers, the Xcel combines leak-proof stitch free seams with a water proof drylock zip entry to ensure a secure seal and maximum overall warmth. “Even though it had a similar feel to that of a 4/3, it felt relaxing on my body” Nick. Covering all the ingredients for a premium winter wetsuit, the Xcel offers the versatility to carry you through the really cold days, without compromising performance and range of movement. “Great all round suit that is capable of getting you through the depths of winter” Monty.